Automobile Sales and Services in Lagos

Vehicle Leasing/Fleet Management

We provide vehicle leasing and daily rental services to corporate organisations. Vehicles can be provided to different categories of employees for field /site operations, marketing mobility, staff buses, and status vehicles ranging from Managers to the Director level for a contractual period and at an agreed fixed monthly or daily fee.

The services are broadly classified into two (2) as follows:


    A process where Wonderwheels assigns a vehicle to a corporate (International or local) for their land transport. It is usually between 2 to 3 years. Before initiating this contract, service levels agreements are being signed. We supply brand new vehicles of choice with assigned drivers and exclusively cover repairs & maintenance, Insurance, track devices and fuelling, licensing, or renewals.

  • Types of operating lease we offer are Passenger vehicles such as:

  • . SUVS

  • . SEDANS

  • . BUSES

  • . Light weight trucks

  • . Dry haulage

  • . Low beds

  • . Refrigerated trucks


    We provide Vehicle Rental to corporates and individuals to cater for their short land transportation needs. The Rental are for special events such as weddings, excursions, Hotel pick ups and drop offs, Airport shuttle.

Vehicle Leasing/Fleet Management

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