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Vehicle Pre-Order

Our Unique Selling Point

Our Pre-order your dream vehicle product is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of corporates. We have designed our process with our customers in mind. This product holds much value to optimize the budgeted resources of our clients and contribute optimization of organizational resources.

As part of our ethical principle, we hold transparency, professional competence, and due care at the core of this unique product. From the beginning of the process to the eventual delivery of the pre-ordered vehicle, the whole process is made clear and can be monitored by the purchasing company/individual.

We have conducted an extensive specific market survey and we have designed our process with a cost management approach whilst maintaining high quality that optimizes resources of the purchasing company. Our lower cost pre-order vehicle product comes at a lower cost compared to the holding market price of vehicles when bought from local automobile outlets.

We ensure to carry out a thorough investigation and evaluation of the history of all our vehicles purchased off-shore through the pre-order services. This is to provide the needed confidence to our esteemed clients. We communicate the History of the vehicle to validate the condition of the vehicle to be purchased.

The vital information that helps detail the history of the vehicles includes:

All vehicle documents

Contact of previous users (For Pre-owned vehicles)

Our Target
- Cooperatives
- Cooperative executives/staffs
- Government agencies/ministries
- Government projects

Contact Person: Mr. Adeleke Osinuga

Phone Numbers: +17184967314 | +2348182222639

At Wonderwheels Automobiles, we value our clients’ experience and customer satisfaction is our priority. We have created intelligent solutions for our esteemed clients in private/corporate organizations, which will enable them to achieve their automobile needs. Having played a major role in importation over the years, our team of experienced experts, led by Mr. Adeleke Osinuga who is based in the United States of America with over 15 years of experience, will ensure you get the best bargain available.

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For immediate enquiries: +2348182222639 / 012913112